• Dasari Venkata Sai Charan

    close Teaching Assistant - V 2.0

    Dasari Venkata Sai Charan joined the Dakshana family in May 2019. [READ MORE]

    He is a part of Dakshana Version 2.0. He is a Teaching Assistant and conducts Digital Mathematics classes. Saicharan is a civil engineer from Andhra Pradesh who loves Mathematics. He has never not scored cent percent marks in mathematics  and enjoys teaching the subject. His job at Dakshana helps him guide students and help them set goals as these school students are unclear about their expectations from the future. Another favorite part about his job is that he gets to introduce advanced technology to technologically challenged students. He thinks it gets a little difficult but he enjoys the challenges and overcoming them. Comprehension of mathematics by students brings him joy. Saicharan loves participating in various competitions, he did so as a student and now he encourages his students to do the same and guides them in every way possible. He spends his weekends volunteering at student wellness programs. He also makes sure that Dakshana students benefit through these programs too.

  • P H Harish

    close Teaching Assistant - V 2.0

    Harish is an Electronics Engineer from Telangana. [READ MORE]

    He joined Dakshana Version 2.0. in February 2019 as a Teaching Assistant at the Telangana Tribal Welfare Schools for Boys at Balanagar, Hyderabad. Harish always wanted to do something for the people, as he has experienced the struggles of growing up in an underprivileged family. He believes no matter where you come from, you have the capability to change the world and that is why he joined Dakshana. Harish used to tutor kids when he was in college and liked solving their problems. The favourite part about his job at Dakshana is that he gets to be a big brother to the students he interacts with. They rely on him and he likes to guide them through any challenges they face. Harish is a passionate cricketer. He started playing cricket in Class 6 and was District Captain of the under-14 team.

  • Devesh Pandey

    close Co-ordinator:- JNV Lucknow

    Devesh Pandey is a Program Co-ordinator at the JNV Lucknow campus. [READ MORE]

    He joined Dakshana in August 2019. Devesh has a Masters Degree in History and he has been a teacher for 7 years. He likes his job at Dakshana because he likes spending time with children and guiding them through their professional journey. A student and a mentee of Devesh lost his mother at a young age and was guided by Devesh through his entire journey of becoming a successful medical professional. Devesh believes experiences like these make his life worth living. He believes everyone at Dakshana is like him, people who care about people and that is why he is proud to be a part of the Dakshana Family.

  • Dilip Dhage

    close Boy's Hostel Warden

    Dilip Dhage is the Boy’s Hostel Warden at Dakshana Valley. He is a sports enthusiast. [READ MORE]

    As a young man, Dilip decided to explore his passion for physical fitness and joined the Indian Army in 1995. He served with the Army for 22 years, during which he trained 800 people from his Battalion. He retired in 2017 and joined Dakshana in June 2018 as a Warden. When Dilip met the CEO, Colonel Sharma, he felt inspired and joined Dakshana to help him achieve Dakshana’s purpose. He likes his work at the Dakshana Valley as he doesn’t consider it as a job and feels like he is home. Dilip takes care of the daily routine of the students with respect to physical exercise and fitness. Discipline is something he is passionate about and that’s what makes him good at his job. He believes, the pre-set schedule at Dakshana is good for the physical and mental health of the students. Dilip’s motto for health is ‘Everyone should start their day with a 5 km run to stay healthy and fit.’

  • Suresh Singh Panwar

    close Catering Incharge.

    Suresh joined Dakshana in May 2019 as Catering In-charge. [READ MORE]

    He is a Hotel Management graduate who has worked at various hotels in Pune. Owing to such a varied and rich experience, he has changed and improved a lot of things in the kitchen at Dakshana Valley. Suresh believes working in a kitchen comes with its own challenges and he likes to tackle them with simple management approaches. He also believes that a team works well only if all members get along and Suresh makes sure that they do. The favourite part about his job at the Dakshana Valley is ‘Menu Planning’ as curating a nutritious meal carefully for the students gives him eternal satisfaction. Suresh is from Mussoorie and has spent his childhood in a place away from the chaos of the city. He loves living at Dakshana Valley as it reminds him of his home.

  • Mohini Ram Bhujbal

    close Academic Assistant and Girls' Warden

    Mohini joined Dakshana in June 2019 as an Academic Assistant and Girls' Warden. [READ MORE]

    She has done her M.Ed. and has been a Primary School teacher for 10 years. Mohini has always liked being around children and her work at Dakshana is a different experience as the students at Dakshana are a little older than what she was earlier used to. She shares, “Girls share their problems with me and I like providing them a solution and like being their mentor.” Mohini is also a singer and loves to sing. She believes that Dakshana has helped her gain new experiences in many aspects, like she knows how to deal with older kids or her knowledge about computers has widened and she has also become more patient. Mohini likes staying at the Dakshana Valley and claims that nothing looks as beautiful as the Valley during monsoons.

  • Krishana Kumar

    close Program Co-ordinator- JNV Bengaluru

    Krishna, who hails from Patna, is the Academic Program Co-ordinator at the Centre of Excellence at JNV Bangalore Urban. [READ MORE]

    He joined Dakshana in September 2019 and considers himself lucky to be a part of the Dakshana family. He says, ‘Mohnish Sir has inspired me and made me believe in Infinite good.’ Krishna is a Computer Science engineer who likes being around kids and also likes teaching. During his school days, he was an NCC cadet and developed an inclination towards discipline and organising at an early age. And, that’s what inspired him into getting into an administrative role. He says his favourite part of working with Dakshana is that he can talk to kids, listen to their stories and help them with their problems. Meditation is a big part of who Krishna is. He thinks yoga and meditation is as important as studying for the students and he ensures that  it is a part of their daily routine. Krishna plans to be a teacher at Dakshana in the future and wants to play a part in changing lives through imparting knowledge.

  • Ganesh Sukre


    Ganesh Sukhre has served in the Indian Army for 17 years as a Weapons Technician & Transporter. [READ MORE]

    Carrying weapons in extreme conditions not only made him tough but also made him appreciate the simple things in life like spending time around children, teaching them discipline. He joined Dakshana in 2018. He says “At Dakshana,  the most memorable part of my job is that the kids remember you and you are stored in their memory forever as someone who helped them be who they are.” He likes spending time with children at the Dakshana Valley who are from various parts of the country and appreciates the diversity within them. His wife loves farming. He likes supporting her and Dakshana has made it possible for him to work with her.

  • Sunil Mishra

    close Maintenance Supervisor

    Sunil Mishra comes with a rich work experience of 9 years and holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. [READ MORE]

    He works as a Maintenance Supervisor at Dakshana Foundation. He ensures upkeep and follow-up of workshop housekeeping (5 S.) tool management system, spares management, machine checklist and safety.

  • Sabyasachi Sahu

    close Academic Assistant

    Sabyasachi completed his Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh and has also cleared the Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test (TET). [READ MORE]

    Before joining Dakshana, he was a teacher at S.A.P.S.S. School, Orissa. At Dakshana, he is involved with the Academics team on JEE/NEET registration, scholars’ profile, test co-ordination, and in tracking academic progress at Dakshana Valley, Pune. He loves to read general knowledge books and travel to new places.


  • Murlidhar Bhange

    close Maintainance Staff

    Muralidhar Bhange has been with Dakshana ever since the Dakshana Valley was bought in Kadus in 2014. [READ MORE]

    He is in charge of electrical maintenance and water management of the campus. Muralibhau, as he is popularly known, is a native of Pune and has completed his intermediate education in Arts. Muralibhau likes to play cricket and is very passionate about maintenance of electrical infrastructure.

  • Shashikant Nehere

    close Academic Assistant

    Shashikant handles the academic scheduling of the 1-year scholarship program at the Dakshana Valley, Pune. [READ MORE]

    His responsibilities include monitoring schedule of lectures, conducting tests, generating results, etc. Shashi has completed his education at Rambhau Mhalagi Vidyalaya, Kadus. He joined Dakshana in May 2016. Shashi has had experience of 10 years in the hospitality industry. Shashi’s family consists of his parents, wife and they are blessed with a daughter.

  • Dilip Powar

    close Stores and Vehicle Manager

    Dilip is an Ex.Hav. (Hony Nb Sub) and has worked in the Indian Army. [READ MORE]

    During his 24 years of service, he managed stores at various locations in India. Dilip has undergone various courses like fire-fighting, store-keeping, security officer training and ware house maintenance to name a few. Dilip joined Dakshana in 2016 and handles stores and vehicle management. He enjoys watching cricket and swimming.

  • Deepak Waghmare

    close Accountant

    Deepak Waghmare joined Dakshana Foundation in November 2015 and has been handling payroll and accounts management. [READ MORE]

    He has completed his Govt. Diploma in Co-operation & Accountancy (GDC & A) course and is currently pursuing executive course in Company Secretary.
    Deepak worked as an accounts executive in a manufacuturing company for 4 years before he joined Dakshana.
    Deepak likes to meditate, swim and listen to music. He also participated in University level cricket competition during college.

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