March 24, 2020

Dasari Venkata Sai Charan

He is a part of Dakshana Version 2.0. He is a Teaching Assistant and conducts Digital Mathematics classes. Saicharan is a civil engineer from Andhra Pradesh who loves Mathematics. He has never not scored cent percent marks in mathematics  and enjoys teaching the subject. His job at Dakshana helps him guide students and help them set goals as these school students are unclear about their expectations from the future. Another favorite part about his job is that he gets to introduce advanced technology to technologically challenged students. He thinks it gets a little difficult but he enjoys the challenges and overcoming them. Comprehension of mathematics by students brings him joy. Saicharan loves participating in various competitions, he did so as a student and now he encourages his students to do the same and guides them in every way possible. He spends his weekends volunteering at student wellness programs. He also makes sure that Dakshana students benefit through these programs too.