Admin | May 24, 2018

Anakha R Sajeev

JNV Kottayam, Kerala
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend Medical college
I am from an economically backward family. I just need to ensure that my future is secure as with Dakshana I am sure that I will crack NEET at my first attempt. I have been so greatly inspired by the elder?s brothers in Dakshana here, their determination and hard work is so appreciable. For that I am sure that all Dakshana scholars will achieve great heights.
I was also so deeply inspired by the video. Our respected principal madam showed us, the dakshana?s facilities, faculties. To be a NAVODAYAN was my greatest achievement and next my goal is to be a part of Dakshana. Dakshana will give me the fortune to visit MP, to pursue my carrier. I am sure that in Dakshana, I will never waste my time, because each time, we get to see studious ones around and determined and amiable teachers. We had a clan by one of our Dakshana brother, his name is Abhilash. I was so astonished to hear his achievements, as it lengthens astrology Olympiads etc and most wonderfully he is a Dakshana scholar, which in deed ensured his future. I too want to secure my future, for Dakshana will train me to pursue my NEET along with other scholarships. I am sure that my parents will not be able to provide the required fees for my entire future. So, I should find an appropriate way in which my parents would be proud and comfortable about my studies. And that what Dakshana as far as I am concerned is.
I also understand that Dakshana is a safe place for girls to live in safe with all facilities around. So, for the entire my parents will not have to worry about me so far. So, I just need to be a Dakshana scholar from the core of my heart and may god bless us. Thank you

Coaching Location: JNV Silvassa
Batch: NEET 2019
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