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Strong Showing by JNV Dakshana Scholars at IIT-JEE 2009!!
75 Scholars qualified in the IIT-JEE and are on Merit List!
Over 65% of our scholars qualified!

May 26, 2009
Pune, India.

The Dakshana Foundation is pleased to announce that its first batch of JNV Dakshana Scholars came naltrexone and alcohol through with flying colors and did exceeding well in the IIT-JEE 2009.

A total of 350 Dakshana Scholars were prepped by Dakshana for 1-2 years. Of these 75 qualified in the IIT-JEE merit list. In addition, 154 scholars made it to the Extended Merit List of the IIT-JEE, which makes them eligible to join some of India’s most elite science and technology institutes. The coaching was provided free of cost to all scholars. In addition, Dakshana provided boarding and lodging for 68 scholars at Faridabad (Haryana) for a year – also at no charge. The program is designed to permanently lift impoverished families from poverty by sending their best and brightest children to the IITs, NITs etc.

Less than 4% of the nearly 400,000 students made it to IIT or the Extended Merit List this year. Dakshana had a hit rate of over 65% - with 229 of the 350 scholars being selected. “It is all the more remarkable because we are brand new at all this. I am grateful to the JNV system, Dakshana’s staff, volunteers and IIT-JEE coaching service provider partners for these incredible results. We had many shortcomings and we hope to do even better in the years ahead,” said Mohnish Pabrai, Dakshana’s founder.

Dakshana is a charitable foundation that began operations in India in 2007. The foundation has a strong relationship and Memorandum of Understanding with the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya system (JNVs) whereby Dakshana screens and selects the most promising JNV students for intensive preparation and coaching for the IIT-JEE. The 500+ JNVs nationwide graduate over 25,000 students every year. Historically, only a small handful of have made it to IIT. The Dakshana-JNV partnership is all about creating a level playing field where brilliant students from rural, impoverished families can reach their full potential.

Of the 75 Scholars who qualified, the top rank holder is Sumit Malik from JNV Kaloi (Jhajjar, Haryana). Sumit got a rank of 1033 on the IIT-JEE. His father is a driver. A list of Dakshana Scholars who qualified in the IIT-JEE by region is posted on www.dakshana.org .

In 2007 and 2008, Dakshana conducted selection tests across